Oh St Valentine❤️

I took this picture apres le danse last night. When I went to pick her up kids were pouring out wearing a hodgepodge of outfits from ball gowns to “romphims”. I saw some jeans with holes and Birkenstock’s with dress socks for fancy. My own child was wearing velvet and Doc Martins. The you be you vibe is strong with this generation, even when these socialized southern kids go to the ball. Carry on kids.

In other news, I partied in Main Street Books with my Galentines and Finn got some Valentines from his class. Here are my favorites because who doesn’t love Craisons and math?❤️ #nevergrump


Finn wanted to drag his entire keyboard to school so he could “DJ recess with the tracks I’ve been laying down.” I told him we needed to ask the teacher first. Then LieLie said “just let him do it. They let me play a pan pipe recital to my class when I was his age.” Um WHAT?! So I said “you don’t play the plan flute.” And she said “exactly”.

Woke kids


I know that kids these days were born with a phone in their hand and don’t want to learn to drive and leave home later in life, etc. But today’s young teenagers are WOKE. They aren’t worried about your disabilities or the color of your skin or who you love. They defend the weak and wade into any fray based on unfairness but ignore those fights sprung from pride. If a kid changes their gender, or is the only white kid on a team, or decides to tell the whole class in a fit of tears he was raped, they don’t mind. They ask the kid’s new name, treat the player like anyone else and pass the tissues. I’ve seen these things and a thousand more examples with my own eyes teaching high school recently. They aren’t snow flakes, they just accept what is and move on. In over 20 years in a classroom I’ve never seen anything like it. The world will be a better, kinder, more welcoming place when they come of age. The digital natives are going to change the world……one click at a time.


The water heater broke so I decided to load everyone up and go shower at the Y. I brought clean yoga clothes to put on – short leggings, an exercise shirt, etc. but I was freezing after my shower so I added the dressy sweater and coat I’d been wearing when I arrived. That looked ridiculous enough with short leggings but then I realized I only had high heeled boots to put on my feet and my look really took a turn. I thought I looked like some sort of prancing elf wearing his laundry pile but when I walked out Finn said “you look like a drama teacher.” Then LieLie said “no she doesn’t, she looks like someone who would forget to do her taxes and then blame it on Mercury being in retrograde.” That was confidence boosting so I pranced out proudly.

Speaking of prancing, LieLie is currently at Panic at the Disco without me😢

Like a man

Today Finn said “I really need to be treated more like a man.”

I said I would do my best but I needed some specifics around “how men are treated”.

Here is his list of demands:

Cook my steaks blood rare

Let me cut my food with a sharp knife, like my picket knife

Let me ride in the front seat

Buy me lots of deodorant.

I said Done! And then I started thinking about how much deodorant (that never gets worn) I’ve bought recently…. and I remembered this conversation.

Driving in the car with five kids aged 10-16 after Christmas. I asked them what they got for Christmas and the 11 year old chimes in “deodorant”. Then every single kid in the car chimes in that they did, too! Some even got it from more than one person. Mind you, we were on our way home from the roller rink and my car spelled like a foot from 1984. So then I say “how many of you are actually wearing deodorant right now?” One. One out of five.

Growing up

I went to a two hour cardio funk class with LL’s squad and almost died of old age and disrepair. The first hour I felt like J Lo. I looked amazing hip hopping in my own mind. The second hour I felt like Ursula the Sea Witch at a rave on land.

Then Finn and Appie missed me and wanted to watch the Hunger Games in a pile. My legs might never work again.

In other news I watched the Great Lebowski again last night. Look at his phone! Times they are a changin.