Halloween Season

We went to the pumpkin patch on a warm day between the storms. No one would cooperate with posed pumpkin patch family pictures like in the salad days. Apparently these are the gourd days because we still had a fabulous time.

Here are some past examples that happen to be readily available. They make me LOL.

We are still working on our costumes over here. But in case you are wondering, LieLie named her pumpkin Mariah Carey and created a diva pumpkin habitat for her. She will not be carved, just made up and propped up.

Divas have designer dogs and clearly Momo is a perfect example of one.


We are having a tropical storm. We still aren’t recovered from Hurricane Michael! We are living in a cold, flooded swamp unsure of what to do with ourselves. Mother Nature can’t be trusted this fall. You might freeze and sweat in the same day and we we are all in danger of trench foot.

Baseball season ended in puffy coats and boots and Finn almost hitting his first home run. The ball landed way out in the grass and he made it to third base in the wettest clay in the world before he decided it was better to be safe than sorry. He loves baseball and will miss it this winter. He’s already back in the pool with his sister catching up up on the winter swim season.

LieLie has been getting some singing gigs! We are going to work on the words to the National Anthem before the next one of those, however😉. So close. I love her so much. She’d never sung it before in her life and she hopped right up there.

So we have be plans for staying in bed this weekend and avoiding the deluge and prepping for Halloween!!!!!!

Coming home

Homecoming is a big deal. One week of dress up days (at my school and hers) and spirit events and cheerleaders and marching bands. Then finally the big event- foot ball and crowning the princes and princesses on Friday night!! Miss Coralie Steenhuyse was crowned Sophomore princess by a vote from her peers this year and took home the glitter!! She also rode in a parade float as the character Coraline and had a fabulous time in general❤️

I’m ready to sleep for a week but the fun never ends and we are off to a party!

Today, my Lord, was long

Teenagers are awkward. Some don’t have feathers on their neck yet. Some serenade half grown chickens in the yard….

Homecoming is tomorrow. Today was throw back Thursday. LieLie and I have very different ideas about the 90’s!

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t this tired in the 90’s.

Here are some things I heard people say today unedited and in real life, not kidding.

Student “Ms. Johnson, am I circumcised?”

Doctor “mitochondria really is the powerhouse of the cell”.

Student “do you squeeze eggs out of your chickens?”

Student “can you make an ASMR of our study guide for YouTube. Maybe you could chew a pickle and unpack a box so we could like looking at you better.”

Friend “maybe if we had all told our dad’s when we got raped in college instead of hiding it they wouldn’t be defending Kavanaugh now.”

Son “mommy can you order me this hat, I’ve already got the rest of my costume”

Daughter “how can I make my hair into a blue bob for an hour tomorrow during school?”

Sigh….2018. I yelled “you are a meme” at the bewildered doctor and pretty much ran away from everyone else.

To end on a cheerful note here is a snake watching Finn bat and LieLie’s super cute squad❤️

Last day of single digits

He pooled all of his birthday money and bought a Nintendo Switch today. He might actually pop from the excitement. AND it was the first day of cotillion class. He’s been waiting years to go waltz with the ladies. Seriously, no boy has ever been more excited to go learn manners and dancing in the history of the deepest Deep South. He will be fully prepped for his first military ball or die trying! I wish they would teach shirt folding and flossing along with how to use a fish fork but that is just me.

Big day

We celebrated Finn today. He turns ten on Monday. Double digits. A child in giant man sized shoes (literally) with giant man sized worries (figuratively). I try to protect him from the news and the woes of mankind but somehow he always knows the death count of every typhoon and the latest fungus killing trees “coming to a forest near you.” He takes in all of the information that the rest of us block and filter all day long and then tries to file it all away or make sense of it. He doesn’t realize life doesn’t make sense. He thinks he might need that info later. It might even save our lives. That’s just the way he works, he can’t help it. He takes in all the good stuff, too. He brings me information full of love and light like they are precious jewels when ever he can – mummies found and cures discovered and gas prices dropping…. but he also asked for iodine pills for his go bag for his birthday. He realized that if Duke nuclear power has an issue when I’m at work, his school will evacuate him and I will go with my students and not with him. He needs to be prepared to save his thyroid and LieLie’s without my assistance. Then he realized his school doesn’t have enough buses to save them all, no school does, and asked me who goes first in a nuclear evacuation. I told him the truth, historic protocol dictates women and children first, starting with the youngest. However, in all of the years of nuclear power generation there had been very few accidents and that I wouldn’t live here with him if I didn’t feel like he was safe. He said “I’ll feel safer when I’m well trained and able to deploy to North Korea when the need arises this isn’t our only nuclear issue”. So there is that, too. We don’t even have cable but he’s a digital native and this is what happens. So today was play like you are still 9 day. He was a catcher and a pitcher. He got two new friends and took them out for fried yucca. He had a surprise party in the park with his besties and was actually surprised!! Many thanks to LieLie and her friends for making it happen! Then the whole party walked to the movies. It is straight uphill so they burned off the cake and were ready for pizza upon arrival. Then his oldest bestie came home for a video game playing sleepover. And now they are squealing and laughing in the dark and I am holding my last moments of being the parent of a single digit worry wart close to my heart. I love him. Just as he is.