Spring Break- part 2

Happy Easter Peeps!

We had an amazing week of break, filled with kismet and synchronicity and Florida sun. Some of my besties were in St, Augustine at the same time we were and brought some of their old friends. Plus my oldest and dearest already live there so the worlds collided. Then when we moved on to Orlando those friends were there, too! Plus my niece Ruby was at Universal Studios on a school field trip the SAME DAY we went! None of it was planned. It was all happy accidents. We literally ran into friends everywhere we went. Really awesome people, in fact, that my kids love. Plus we stayed with my fake German Grandma Anna Weiss who reminded me that there are people in the world who still see me as young❤️

Some random highlights of the trip were Finn getting invited to Coachella by a random hippie, a man in a shrimp costume coming to my table, LieLie riding the Harry Potter ride at Universal five times in a row because she figured out how to get on as a “single rider”, seeing ET babies, and gas stations full off alligators and Florida Jesus. Florida is my heart’s home despite the gas stations full of taxidermy and the surprise storm with 70mph gusts on Friday. I would stay there if I could.

Three busy peeps

It is red for ed season. That time of year when state houses around the country are voting on school funding. We are striking in Raleigh on May 1. #redfored They are also deciding if they should arm teachers. Here is a photo to illustrate why arming me might be a bad idea in first period. These students are doll babies, but what if they weren’t? A student beat a teacher at my school severely recently. She has broken bones and a concussion. What if there had been a gun in her pocket?

It never stops raining. This is my yard five minutes ago. But one weekend it was lovely and I went to the mountains with my tribe to see the Ben Long frescoes and walk the “cheese trail”.

Peep two has been camping in the forest with her school, writing music and GOT A CAR from old Grandma!!!

Little peep wrote and sang in an opera, pitched two perfect innings and hit a triple in the last week. His academic team came in third and he’s selling eggs by the dozen. He informed me this morning he’s almost earned enough money for a skateboard. The next door neighbors have a pool and when I go looking for Finn, I usually find him in those arctic waters. #babyseal

I love spring break. I’m blogging instead of yelling “where are your goggles, cleats, lunchboxes, clues! Get in the car!”

My Grandma died

My grandmother Rosa Lee died a couple of weeks ago. She was 93 and still lived alone. She loved the smoked salmon at the steakhouse, Fox News, Facebook and every kid or puppy that came her way. There were a lot of us coming her way. Kids who turned into adults and had more kids….93 years worth. She counted them out on little list. I found Finn’s stats in the great grandchild list in her drawer.

I also found wrapped gifts for my kids and Momo in her closet. My heart hurt so very much seeing our names in her handwriting. Momo got this new blanket.

She died so fast. Dinner was cooking in a crockpot, her bed was made and all was well until it wasn’t. She pushed her medic alert button when her arms and legs suddenly felt funny, talked to the paramedics and then had a massive brain bleed on the way to the hospital. We made it to Florida before she died. LieLie sang to her and Finn wiped her tears as she breathed her last Earthly breath and got her wings. She earned those wings scratching out a childhood on a farm, hanging tobacco in the barn, shelling peas, birthing babies and toiling for decades in the paper mill. She was uneducated but never afraid of technology and change.

These are some of the last photos I have of her. Notice her light reading material.

The upside of death is that the clan is called to the water to eat and play and remember. Johnson’s are good at all of those things except for the remembering part. The tales are tall and accuracy is debatable. But there is something so deeply satisfying about eating fried chicken with your cousins.

So many aunts and uncles and cousins❤️.

Mom and one of My sister’s girls

Dad and his two grandsons. Three peas.

LieLie to Finn while riding a sea cow “hit the hyperdrive Chewie!”

Rest In Peace Old Grandma. You earned it.


Spring break 2019

Spring break has officially begun. I came home to my greeting party waiting at the fence like they do everyday when they hear my car. They don’t seem to mind the swampy flooded yard and the pollenapocalypse. LieLie does tho. She’s in the house paining a sunny scene on her white shoes.

Get ready for a cascade of catch up blogs and utter nonsense after I sleep for 24 hours and eat the kids Easter candy after they go to bed. If you don’t buy candy for every holiday at least twice before it actually happens then you aren’t living your best life.


I’m tired

It is that moment in the school year where you are worn away like a favorite pencil- sharpened until there is a so little left it is hard to hold onto. I’m struggling. But spring is finally here. That’s good and I scrapped ice yesterday but not today. That’s good, too.

Signs of spring- Finn’s chickens are laying, new baseball uniforms, Momo’s short hair, revolutionary trading cards instead of essays, prepping for AP exams, giddyup Sunday best, active shooter supplies, LieLie singing gospel and winery trips without snow.